Frequently Asked Questions

PaintSoap only requires a tiny amount of water (about a gallon). You’ll be surprised at how much water you’ll save.
On average, newer faucets use between 1.5-2 gallons of water per minute. If it takes you 20 minutes to clean a brush, then you used between 30-40 gallons!

And that’s for *new* faucets! Older faucets use more water! What a waste!

(this is according to statistics from

PaintSoap can easily save 10-15 minutes per brush that you would normally clean using traditional methods.
Additionally, you’ll save even more time if you have multiple brushes to clean since you can clean them all at the same time!
Each PaintSoap packet was designed to clean all the paint out of one large paintbrush (approximately one 4″ paintbrush with lots of paint).
It will also clean up to a dozen (or more) small paint brushes.

It all depends on how much paint you’re cleaning.

Once thoroughly mixed, PaintSoap can take up to 5 minutes to fully extract all paint from a paint brush.
(This includes deep within the bristles!)
No. PaintSoap was formulated to work with all water-based paints.

(This includes water/latex/emulsion paints.)

No. PaintSoap reacts with wet paint.

If your brush has been sitting around for a while, you may need to agitate the brush a little extra while mixing in the PaintSoap.

You can pour it out in your garbage can outside since it’s non-toxic.

You can also strain the solids from the water and dispose of that directly.

Sure! You are good to store it in a baggie (out of reach of children).

Each PaintSoap packet is designed to clean one large brush, so if you’re only cleaning small brushes (art brushes, for example), then you only need to use a little bit of PaintSoap.